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Below, you will find PDFs of selected Publications. To view Dr. Edwards' complete curriculum vita, please click here:

Selected Publications

Edwards, P. A., McMillon, G. T., & Turner, J.D. (2010). Change is gonna come: Transforming literacy education for African American students. New York: Teachers College Press.

Edwards, P. A. (2009).The education of African American students: Voicing, the debates, controversies, and solutions. NRC Presidential Address. In D. W. Rowe, R. Jimenez, D. Compton, D. Dickinson, Y.Kim, K. Leander, V. Risko. (Eds.), 57th Yearbook of the National reading Conference (pp. 294-323). Milwaukee, WI: National Reading Conference.

Edwards, P.A. & Norman, R.R. (2008). Lessons we’ve learned from self-assessing ourselves. Michigan Reading Journal, 40(3), 34-36.

Edwards, P. A., Turner, J. D., & Mokhtari, K (2008). Balancing the assessment of learning and for learning in support of student literacy achievement. The Reading Teacher, 61(8), 682-684.

McMillon, G.M.T. & Edwards, P.A. (2008). Examining shared domains of literacy in the home, church and school of African American children. In James Flood, Shirley Brice Heath, and Diane Lapp (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Teaching Literacy Through the Communicative and Visual Arts, Volume II, (pp. 319-328). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Mokhtari, K., Kymes, A., & Edwards, P. (2008). Assessing the new literacies of online reading comprehension: An informative interview with W. Ian O'Byrne, Lisa Zawilinski, J. Greg McVerry, and Donald J. Leu at the University of Connecticut. The Reading Teacher, 62(4), 354-357.

Mokhtari, K., Rosemary, C. A., Edwards, P. A. (2007). Making instructional decisions based on data: What, how, and why. The Reading Teacher, 61(4), 354-359.

Edwards, P. A. (2006). Family literacy and technology: Challenges and Promising Constructive Designs. In M. McKenna, L. Labbo, R. Kieffer, & D. Reinking (Eds.), Handbook of Literacy and Technology, Volume II (pp. 303-315). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

Klingner, J., & Edwards, P. A., (2006). Cultural considerations with response to intervention models. Reading Research Quarterly, 3 (2), 140-157.

Turner, J. D., & Edwards, P. A. (2006). When it’s more than you, Jesus, and the pencil: Reflections on an academic writing mentorship. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 50 (3), 172-178.

Edwards, P.A. (2003). The impact of family on literacy development: Convergence, controversy, and instructional implications. NRC Annual Review of Research Address. In J. V. Hoffman, D. L. Shallert, C. M. Fairbanks, J. Worthy, & B. Maloch (Eds.), 52th Yearbook of the National reading Conference (pp. 92-103).Milwaukee, WI: National Reading Conference.

Edwards, P. A. (1993). Before and after school desegregation: African-American parent involvement in schools. Educational Policy: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Policy and Practice, 7(3), 340-369.

Edwards, P.A. (1989). Supporting lower SES mothers' attempts to provide scaffolding for book reading. In J. Allen & J. Mason (Eds.), Risk Makers, Risk Takers, Risk Breakers: Reducing the Risk for Young Literacy Learners (pp. 225-250). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.